Wednesday, August 25, 2010


A regular evening at Maruti Infotech Center. Once again,It's Tea Time!

"Chalo… we will have Tea!!!Wait a moment, there are some people in the meeting room. Let us check, ….Hey our mallu guys! Our Malayali colleagues are asking us to join the meeting."

Meeting Room:
All were speaking in a funny way and making laugh @ everyone in themeeting hall. I was also laughing without knowing the jokes. The reason is obvious: I don’t know a single word in Malayalam other than"kutty" :-(. The discussion was all about planning Onam celebrations @ Sony. We finally made some decisions on teams and list of events.

Chandana-san was our Team Lead in the Pookalam (Floral carpet)competition at Sony office. Who else in the Linux team has this much years of Drawing experience ? The choice was unanimous .

Linux team was always ready to participate and win all thecompetitions. That was the time for Pookalam. So team gathered forplan and Design,.Amol-san and Chandana-san came up with a wonderfulidea. We kept the idea secret.. Now time for implementation.Chandana-san took initiative and started drafting on paper.

Morning 7 O’clock on Onam Celebration Day. When I entered into reception area, the entire floor is filled with so many kinds of beautiful flowers and beautiful girls. My juniors Naiha, Nisha and teammates have already started separating flowers and buds. It was areally interesting scene..So I jumped in :-) and learned how we could do it from our kool Malayali girl Gayathri. Pookalam started filledwith colorful flowers and leaves. Finally our team made an attractivePookalam with a special effect: with a Tux from our very happyAshwin-san.
Judges started evaluating pookalam design, theme and tag line. Judgeswere very special and close to us : Japanese friend Hiromi san andJapanese teacher Miki san. They liked our theme, design and tag line.

Onam celebration started on roof top with the traditional Kerala Drums.Our Peter san and team dressed in a colorful costume and played kerala's drama song(Ottam Thullal). It described the life at Sony in a humorous way. The crowd just loved it.

Time for the result announcement :

"Linux team won First Prize in Pookalam competition !!!"

“Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with us … Hope this yearshall bring peace on the earth”

Moments captured were:

Design phase
Implementation: work in progress Development Team Symbol of peace as pookalam

Linux Tux with Pookalam

Linux Team Winning moment

Team work always wins...

Monday, August 16, 2010

Independence Day@Sircilla

Early morning at 6 O’clock all school children were getting ready in colorful clothes and going to school. “Today is the Best Day! We have to go to school but there won’t be any classes and we would get sweets also :-)” conversation between a cute girl and her younger brother holding each other's hands and walking towards school.
Yes. Big Day of Indian History. Independence Day !!

A Fight of 200 yrs, sacrifices of thousands of lifes and hope of lacks of Indians got Independence to India finally on August 15, 1947. Today I can share this with you with my freedom to write because of the sacrifices of great people.
Today very fortunately I am in my home town Sircilla. Woke up early and wanted to join Independence Day flag hoisting ceremony. Went to Sircilla Ghandhi chowrastha. All the roads were decorated with colors of the national flag. As the time passed, one by one all the school children gathered and every school has it's own way of representing in and celebrating the event. Cute girls were dressed like Bharatha Matha, Janshi and Rudrama Devi and smart boys were dressed like Mahathma Gandhi, Nehru, Subhash Chandra Bose, Katta Bhrammana, Alluri Seetha Rama Raju and many more freedom fighters.
I loved seeing my town celebrating Independence Day with immense spirit inspiring patriotism in individuals and enlightening the importance of freedom.
Flag was hoisted by Municipal chairperson Gudla Manjula.
Every school came up with innovative ideas. I started capturing all the events in my Sony cam.
Most attractive presentations and performances of the day were:
  • flag hoisted at Mahathma Gandhi statue

  • Ja na ga na mana ...
  • Telangana Thalli

  • Cute kids waving flags

  • Color full Indian costumes with three color flags
  • Appearance in Freedom fighters

  • Celebrating in own way

Every After attending this event at my home town I felt what I missed in 10 yrs. Remembering my school days, participation and my chaddi buddies :-)

My dear Sircilla keep the spirit up ...
for more pics link

Jai Hind ...!!!