Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mookambika Devi Temple

Our Journey started from Murudeshwar to Kollur via Batkal. We were travelling on NH 206, but it was badly damaged by rain. At the same time we could enjoy the view of sea from Highway.

After Taking left turn from Highway, the road was nice and our journey become pleasant. Road was fully covered with long trees, so many small streams and very few rice fields. On top of it we could see the beauty of Western Ghats covering by clouds. Obvious, my camera made a click

Mookabika Temple is in middle of the forest and the Souparnika River is passing less than 50 meters distance. That was temple closing time at afternoon 1:30 to 3 o’clock.

We got one and half hours to explore the holy and beautiful place. Found a really wonderful place that is the place where we can get down in to Souparnika River. Suddenly somebody in water biting my feet’s, Ooh, sharp teeth fish in the water. I tried to catch and want to have it in my hand :-D. But I could not successes :-(.

However, reached temple in closing time, was helped us to finding this wonderful place. “Everything was happed for our best” We completed our Dharsham.

That was end of west coastal Karnataka Trip. I was able to catch Kesineni bus back to Hyd. I must say thanks for Kesineni Travels for my pickup and drop from all the long way of 750 km from Hyderabad to Batkal. It was wonderful experience!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


After having Gram Chai at Jog fall waterfalls, decided that our next visiting place as Murudeshwar. Our vehicle Omni started toward the western coastal side. We were on the peak of the Ghats, so have to go slowly while getting down. Watching outside view and one can see only fifty to hundred meters road because we must have to take curves on the Ghat sections. It was superb journey in that evening, we were singing songs with full volume all the way and having masala kaju, katta meeta in between to add masala to our songs :-). I took few photographs in that evening filled with full of greenly and valleys.

We were hungry, so finished our dinner just after reaching Murudeshwar. Then the search started for hotel, almost all the economy Hotels were packed. Finally got a Hotel on the edge of sea coastal. Of course it was expensive. Because we were already on the edge of the sea coast cannot move forward in to sea :-).
Finally checked in Hotel RNS Residency with the help of our finance manager of the trip. A 3 star Hotel with AC rooms and best part is facilitating with Swimming Pool. I recommend this Hotel. The view from our Hotel room was amazing. Why should I explain in my words? Just see.

Superb view from our Hotel room

As per the yesterday night plan, we woke too early in the morning at 6:00 clock and went for seashore walk. I was not interested to get in to the water because the water was not clean. But I have to take my friends’ pics with waves. I changed my mind and joined them in water. Felt very excited to play with sea waves :-).

Just after reaching hotel I jumped again in to Swimming pool. The swimming pool is also constructed in a right manner. There were some kids playing around with their families.

I got a cute friend in hotel Lift.

Wait, wait….there is a question in my mind. “Why we came to this place?”
Murudeshwar, the holy place of Lord Shiva on the Edge of west coastal. So I must have to go to temple, at least to say Hello to Lord Shiva. There are really wonderful place and around the temple. For more info u can visit wiki.

Long view: Gopuram, Temple and Hotel view

Lord Shiva

seven horse pulling Lord Sun's cart

I have purchased a cute handmade gift for my sister. Thats all about Murudeshwara and our journey started to next place.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Those were my initial days at Wipro Bangalore.

New place, new people, new environment, new payroll and new project most interesting factor for me is making new friends from my colleagues. There is very thin line between colleague and friend. I think you know it.

Recently Joined people are very lucky ones bcz no work, no pressure only fun :-D

I was trying to make new friends at volley ball court and swimming pool. I learnt my swimming at Wipro Sarjapur. I must thank my friend and swimming teacher. Every day evening 6:00 to 7:30 volley ball and 7:30 to 8:30 swimming. Still I love Sarjapur campus.

One Day got an e-mail from my project manager saying that “we are going out for Team Lunch on this Friday”. Excited to know and discussed with my team mates about the venue and transportation. Same time I got a one more E-mail saying that “Congratulations. We are accepting your transfer request to Hyderabad :-)”. Yes, this is the one of best times for me to have fun with my team before I leave Bangalore.

I reached venue ivy hotel on time because eagerly wait for Lunch, I was hunger :-(

The Unwind Island (ivy) located at MarathaHalli outer ring Road. One of the best locations for the Team Lunch in Bangalore. It was affordable prices not from our packets best from project budget and good quality of food, nice ambience and my favorite Sand volleyball court, Swimming pool, snookers and many more indoor games.

After having food we have played all games and making fun on each other play. We played most of the games without knowing rules (applicable to girls :-))

I started taking photographs of my team and events, then somebody called me from a corner and asking me to take a photograph, I took. Then after one lady called me from one more corner and take my picture. I took it too. Again one more request from one more group. I was continuously taking all snaps as per the request. After sometimes I came to know that these guys were considered me as official photographer of Wipro. I was laughing myself. Felt good at least they recognized me as. Because all project member don’t know me as a team member. However, I am interested in working with my camera all the time.

This team outing enabled me get many friends and good association with team. And so many collection of pics. I was glad to share pictures and got (good n bad) complements. Everybody was happy to see their photographs with different events and obviously I was also happy to see their joy and collection of memories. Special thanks to my managers Nithin, Harish and Divija.

One the next week I said ” Good bye to Bangalore …!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


SMS : “dude we are planning an escape. r u ready?”
REPLY: S, Ready :-)

You may be thinking When? Where? With whom? I was not having any questions in my mind at that time. I sent a reply saying ready for the escape. bcz fond of hanging out with friends :-)

After two hours got a mail saying we are a group of people going to Jog falls and nearby places. “So, where the Jog falls is?” Then opened Google maps get the directions from Hyderabad to jog falls, it is just 750 km only. No direct bus. So explored the possibilities of nearest places to reach Jog. Finally got bus Kesineni Volvo the only bus from Hyderabad to Mangalore. Basically I do not like bus journey. But here I left with no other choice.
I have booked the ticket from Hyderabad to Batkal 750km@1200rs although I have to get down at Honavar. I am able to finish my office work and boarded bus at Mehdi patnam at 6:30pm. Woke up at 6:00 am and was watching the beauty of Konkan roadways. I could see very few people on the wayside. Got down at Honavar@6:30am and started to jog by KSRTC@8:00 am after my breakfast.

Drizzling all the way and bus was taking hairpin curves with double engine powers trying to mount Western Ghats of India. After two hour of passage from Ghats reached my destination Jog falls.

It was heavily raining still jumped out of bus and ran towards shelter before I reach my raincoat got wet. I am at Western Ghats in monsoon season without an umbrella; it is not a good idea right? So, let me buy one. I met my buddies who came from Bangalore.

woooow. Jog falls.

253 meters height water fall superb view.
Most beautiful waterfalls of India: The Jog falls.
There I could see 4 large falls and besides to that 3 more falls. It is like collection of waterfalls fantastic view. I can’t take my eye off(my camera too). I have enjoyed the view of falls often covered by mist and clearing.
I love you Jog falls, see you my dear.

Suggestion/ Cautions:
Better to visit in monsoon season (August,Sep, oct, Nov) to feel the beauty of falls.
Food is available as Karnataka/udupi styles.
No signals for mobiles other than BSNL.
Very low frequency for public transportation so, better to hire vehicle.
My friends’ monkeys are there. So, be careful about the food in your hands :-)

For more info please ref: wiki