Saturday, October 23, 2010


Time for Dasara again!
Dasara festival is always a special one at Sircilla.
The way of celebrations is bit different from other towns. Huge people gathering and wishing each other on this day is really awesome. The most important thing is that one can see at least 1000 young guys dancing and sharing the joy of fest in the middle of town. I can say this is the best gathering in one year for everybody from Sircilla to meet his old buddies.
Of course, folks from Telangana know about the procedure and events of the Dasara Day. Here I have captured few photographs:

Aayuda pooja at Aghraharam in the early moring

Ravana Kasta on riverbank of maaneru vaagu

Swami vaari pallaki towards Ravana

Firing Ravana is the symbol of killing evil in every mind.

Gathering at ravana kasta

Swami vari Darshanam after ravana samharam

Jammi chettu(tree): most precious God’s tree, we take this leaf(we call it as bangaram) and share with our parents/elders/younger’s/friends and give and take wishes from each other.

Time for open Disco

See you guys on next Dasara with extra energy :-)
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sreedhar reddy said...

Dasara festival is fun, that too in sircilla its awesome. Nobody wants to miss it.